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We welcome businesses and individuals who are in need of tax preparation and planning services.

If you are an owner of rental properties, we can help you with your taxes.

PAST DUE TAX RETURNS prepared for individuals and businesses.

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands and the IRS will come upon you like a thief in the night.

Financial Stability:  Preparedness is success waiting to happen.  If one is well-prepared with the proper tools for a specific, positive goal, then their success is only a matter of time and persistence; however, if one does not prepare themselves for a specific, positive goal, then they will be preparing themselves, by default, for a negative goal, which they have not chosen.  In business and personal affairs, the specific, positive goal is financial stability and the default, negative goal is bankruptcy.
Hans Kasper

I would like to welcome you to our web site.    

The purpose of this site is to educate you about various financial topics in the fields of accounting, taxes, and investing.  The best way to move around the site and to find the topics that interest you is through the site map which you can click on above.  On most web pages, there are standardized WEB LINKS on the left and SITE LINKS on the right.

We encourage you to bookmark this site to your favorites list for easier linking in the future.

Hans Kasper as a Certified Public Accountant and Hans Kasper, MS-CPA, PS as a Certified Public Accounting firm are licensed to practice in the State of Washington.

PAST DUE TAX RETURNS SOLVED:  Click to obtain how to get your past due tax returns filed, the ten reasons you should file your past due tax returns, and the fourteen steps to get the IRS off your back.

Recommended Accountants and Bookkeepers and QuickBooks Bookkeeping Checklist: Click to obtain a list of recommended bookkeepers by Seattle to Everett locations, a listing of bookkeeping requirements necessary to prepare a tax return, and a general business tax organizer.

Recommended Legal Counsel:  Click to obtain a list of recommended attorneys.

Recommended Investment Advisors:  Click to obtain a list of recommended investment advisors.

Recommended IRS Collection and Offers in Compromise Counsel:  Click to obtain a list of recommended IRS collections and offer in compromise counsel.

Bookkeeping on Excel: this spreadsheet is to be used for your bookkeeping purposes if you do not use the QuickBooks accounting program.

Insolvency and Foreclosure worksheet: Click to obtain an Excel sheet to calculate your taxable income and taxable gain or loss from debt forgiveness and foreclosures.


If you are insolvent (ALL of your total assets are less than ALL your total liabilities) when your rental properties are foreclosed on, then there is no taxable income from the cancellation of the debt.

However, if the SMALLER of the fair market value of the property being foreclosed OR the amount of debt on the property (most likely the FMV of the property is lower) is GREATER than the adjusted basis of the property (usually the original cost plus improvements less depreciation), THEN you will have a taxable capital gain on the foreclosure.  If it is LESS than the adjusted basis, then you will have a deductible capital loss.

BizPlan: How to get a BUSINESS tax deduction for Medical insurance and out-of-pocket Medical expenses.


"One Graph Is Worth A Thousand Numbers", Journal of Accountancy, November 1988, Hans Kasper.  This article discusses the use of computer graphics for financial projections and trends analysis for small and medium-sized businesses.

"Measuring Profits - How Much Is Enough?", Journal of Accountancy, March 1981, Hans Kasper.  This article discusses the relationship between minimum profitability of a business and bank financing limitations.

"Tax Planning and Audit Prevention Defenses.", Puget Sound Builder + Designer Digest, February 2004, Hans Kasper.  This article discusses the importance of tax planning and tax audit prevention techniques.

"IRS Audits: Real Case Stories.", Puget Sound Builder + Designer Digest, March 2004, Hans Kasper.  This article discusses the what can happen to you during an IRS audit.


Tax Saving Videos

Free Legal Help in Washington State for Low Income People and for all people over the age of 60.

Salvation Army Non-cash Charitable Contribution Value List

Real Life Bookkeeper Theft Stories

Where's My Refund Phone Number: a special IRS phone number to call on your refund.

Where's My Refund Web Site: a special IRS web site to check on your refund.

Tax Planning for 2010

Money quotes:  There was a time when a fool and his money were soon parted, but now it happens to everybody. ~Adlai Stevenson

IRS stories:  Read interesting stories about IRS audits.

Historic IRS Tax Rates all the way back to 1913. 

Refund Penalty:  Did you know that there is a refund penalty?

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Don't leave us behind when you move!!!  Did you know that in 2010, we prepared tax returns for clients in 16 different states.  In total, we prepared:

  • 800 individual returns,

  • 200 corporate and partnership returns